-Our tournament is Sunday February 2nd (Superbowl Sunday), we will need all parents help with this to be successful. If you have not signed up to help yet please ask one of the board members. All board members and our information is on the website. Or email Dennis Carroll at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Please have your wrestlers put their wrestling shoes on in the downstairs hallway and do not enter wrestling room until high school practice is over.Also, wrestling shoes are only to be worn indoors!
-Hygiene is a very important part of wrestling, please make sure your wrestler takes a shower after every practice and tournament.
-Make sure your wrestlers grab all of their belongings after practice, things have a tendency to disappear if left behind(ESPECIALLY HEADGEAR), we are not responsible for items left behind.
-PLEASE be on time picking up your wrestlers after practice. All of our coaches are volunteers and would like to get home to their families also!

Tournaments start December 8th and are mostly on Sundays, these are all optional.  Please look at the Tournament Schedule on the team calendar.  These are subject to change so be patient.
- If you have a first year wrestler it would probably be beneficial to hold them out of tournaments for awhile to give them time to learn the basics and the rules. Any other questions regarding this situation feel free to ask one of the coaches, they will give you an honest opinion.
-All wrestlers need a USA card to participate in tournaments. We will be handing these out along with weigh-in cards as soon as we receive them from the IKWF. It will be your responsibility to bring these to the tournaments!
- Weigh-ins are almost always the morning of the tournament, Parents need to make sure your wrestlers nails are trimmed and if he/she has long hair a hair cap that is attached to the headgear needs to be worn.
- All tournament registration will be done online on our website which is and our tournament schedule will be listed here as well.
- At tournaments wrestlers are bracketed according to age and weight, divisions are as follows:4-6 year olds=Tots,7-8=bantams,9-10=intermediate, 11-12=novice,13-14=senior. Tots and bantams are normally 4 man blocked brackets and are given 2 matches, these guys are usually the fist to wrestle and first to be done. Intermediate novice and senior are 8 man blocked and get 3 matches unless they lose first 2 then they are done. Each tournament is usually $20 but some are different
-Bleachers or chairs ? We never know week to week so it is good practice that when tournaments start you have bag chairs in your vehicle at all times.
- We have some really good coaches in this program that put a lot of time teaching your children this sport, we ask that you PLEASE be respectful to our coaches and let them coach the wrestlers at the tournaments. It is very difficult for us to get our point across if we are competing with the parents so we ask that parents remain in the stands. We appreciate cooperation in this matter!
-Any another questions or concerns please feel free to contact any of the board members, all of our contact information is on the website.
Thank you and we looking forward to a successful season!

Thank you to everyone that submitted a drawing for the decal contest. 

Congrats to Josh Janicki!!!!