Minooka Indians Elite wrestling clubs mission is to provide local kids an oppurtunity to learn and compete in the great sport of wrestling. We have been a IKWF sanctioned club since 2001. What makes us different from many clubs is that we only take wrestlers that reside within the Minooka High school boundaries which makes us a true feeder program for our high school wrestling program. Indians elite wrestlers will walk into the high school wrestling as prepared as we can possibly have them. All of this takes place in a fun and controlled practice room. Our coaches are all certified wrestling coaches with many years of experience with a few who have wrestled at Minooka high school as kids and are now back with their kids.
We take boys and girls from ages 4-14
Practice rooms are divided by experience level so that each wrestler can advance at the pace that best suits their needs. We generally have over 100 wrestlers in our program year after year. If you have a child who wants to give wrestling a try we would love to help them achieve their goals!!